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Top 6 Fears of Do-It-Yourself Video Producers

Top 6 Fears DIY Video Producers Have

We're back with Wayne Ford ‘Sociable Video Training‘ Video Coach! Working as an Los Angeles video producer and director by day he has worked hard to take everything he’s learnt over the past near-decade and bundle it all into a incredible learn how to make YouTube for Business training system.

Over the next few weeks question and answers sessions, Wayne will be answering key problems that readers have asked about and presenting newbies with ideas of where to start with video, drawing from the near 5 hours of video, audio and the eBook that come with his course!

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Is it rational for ‘newbies’ to intimidated with the idea of learning how to produce basic video? WAYNE FORD: It’s completely normal (I was intimidated my entire first year of shooting and editing as each situation was a little bit different) but it’s also very do-able to overcome those few learning hurdles. You will make mistakes and that’s OK! Video Marketing Facts, Mobie, Desktop, Tablet The diving in, learning strategies and techniques will be highly beneficial to your business in the long run. You can also always find someone to help you out and the internet is a great resource on every aspect of video production imaginable. When putting my course together my goal was to put all the needed elements into a recipe that was easy to follow for each and every video you create.

Top 6 Fears DIY Video Producers Have
The Top 6 Fears DIY Video Producers Have!

What are the top 6 fears of do-it-yourself (DIY) video producers?
WAYNE FORD: I've got the 6 top problems new DIY video marketers face here…

  1. Fear. “I don’t like being in front of the camera. I get really nervous!”
  2. Lack of Money. “I don’t have enough money for equipment.”
  3. Poor Knowledge. “I don’t know how to shoot & edit.”
  4. No Time. “I don’t have the time to create videos.”
  5. No Ideas. “I don’t know what my videos should be about or how I should structure them.”
  6. No Traffic. “I put up a video on YouTube and only got 3 views…what’s the point?”

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All of these have a solutions which I've nailed down and show the workarounds in my teachings, and I address in the next part, Overcoming the Top Six Fears of DIY Video Producers

Rest assured.. most of the fears are irrational – most fears in life are – and the rest that just have some learning curve, but can be understood.  There's never been an easier time to benefit from learning and using video marketing than now!

Overcoming Top 6 Fears of Video Production

NEXT: Read on to hear how you should go about in Overcoming The Top 6 Fears of Video Production

Wayne Ford

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