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Search Optimization: Google Best Practices

SEO Search Engine Optimization for Video

Here is the top list of “To-dos” for Search Engine Optimization – I've applied these to my own websites, as well as for my client's websites.

Making a habit out of White Hat SEO practices will keep you moving forward over time and will ensure you stay there as Google evolves and new competitors step up to the plate.

These practices are not only beneficial to you, but also to your visitors who will be given a much richer user experience.

Things You Should Do:

  • Start with your website. Everything starts at home plate. Before anything else, make sure your site is properly optimized with great content and keywords people are actually searching for. If your site is high quality, you’ve done a huge part of your work already.
  • Narrow down your top keywords. Have a master list of 5-10 top researched keyword phrases and optimize for them. Secondary keywords can be scattered here and there, but don’t spread yourself much thinner than this. Many highly successful sites will optimize for only one keyword.
  • Optimize regularly. SEO is like a hole with a bucket in the bottom. You have to keep filling it up. You’re never going to be done!
  • Write, write, write. Content is simply the most important basic consideration for SEO. And because you can’t copy and paste your content without being penalized, you have to keep writing new articles.

Jordan Harbour

Jordan Harbour, a avid history researcher and writer, began working in the film and television industry in 'Hollywood North' Vancouver BC half a decade ago. Jordan has spent time acting, directing, writing and editing independent comedy and documentary films. His star project is a short Indie-film he wrote, directed and co-produced titled "A Piece for Eliot" shot in 4K resolution with RED One cameras. Ask any questions you have for him below:

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