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Overcoming The Top 6 Fears of Video Production

Overcoming Top 6 Fears of Video Production

Wayne Ford is back to address the concerns he touched on last week – the Top 6 Fears of DIY Video Producers! Working as an Los Angeles video producer and director by day he has worked hard to take everything he’s learnt over the past near-decade and bundle it all into a incredible “learn how to make YouTube for Business” training system.

Wayne Ford, Video Coach, Sociable Video Training
Wayne Ford, Video Coach

Over the next few weeks question and answers sessions, Wayne will be answering key problems that readers have asked about and presenting newbies with ideas of where to start with video, drawing from the near 5 hours of video, audio and the eBook that come with his course!

As you’ll plainly see, Wayne is the real deal.

He knows how to explain the nuts and bolts of theory and production to business owners in easy to implement and understand methods.

Let’s get to it – overcoming the top six fears of do-it-yourself video producers!

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Overcoming Top 6 Fears of Video Production
Overcoming Top 6 Fears of Video Production

Everyone's really looking forward to hearing your solutions to the six fears that video producers have! So, how can a beginner learn to overcome these problems?
WAYNE FORD: I'll tackle each of the six issues:

  • 1. Solution for Fear.
    The fear of being on camera is a very natural apprehension that most people have. You can fairly easily become conditioned to overcome this with practice and a shift in your state of mind. Episode seven of my course goes into this further and talks about the trick I use to not be a nervous wreck in front of the camera.
  • 2. Solution of lack of Money.
    You don’t need any money to get started. You can easily create screencast or animated videos for under $20! Or you can get started with a ‘vlog style’ series that uses a webcam. Even for a well lite and quality sounding video shot with a video camera there are affordable options. I’ll mention some specific beginner equipment below and also the Sociable Video course includes three videos that go over a ton of options for any budget.
  • 3. Solution for Lack of Knowledge.
    You can get started shooting and editing by just learning a few simple techniques. Your videos don’t have to be elaborate works of cinematography. Very simple setups with the camera on a tripod and edited with a few quick subtle transitions can do the trick. You can then always advance from there as you learn more about your gear and editing software.

There are also some key pre-production and production techniques you can implement that will save you a ton of time when editing later. I go over all of that in my course as well as the right settings to export your videos in so they play great on all mobile devices.

How to Make Video, Examples
How to Make Video, Examples: Wayne Ford
  • 4. Solution for Lack of Time.
    I’m not gonna lie here, making videos can be a time consuming process, but it's far far faster and easier now than it's ever been. I’ve made a ton of mistakes over the years that have cost me several hours to fix or have had to do reshoots. Now my shoots are well oiled machines and my editing skills have become very efficient as well.

Video production does doesn’t need to take over your life. You can do what’s doable for you and using the knowledge you learn in the course (and from my mistakes) the process can become very smooth and painless very quickly.

  • 5. Solution to get Good Ideas.
    I think this is piece of the puzzle is often overlooked or brushed over. The creative creation of your content and the format of which that content is presented is a very important step to spend time on. In the Sociable Video course I show you how to easily find a ton of topics that people in your niche market are wanting to know more about.
Creating Video Titles Examples and Coaching
Creating Video Titles Examples and Coaching
  • 6. Solution for Getting Video Traffic, Creating Good Distribution.
    As I’ve mentioned above YouTube is not yet the ideal playground for most businesses but all demographics are growing on the site. It’s also the number 2 search engine and where a billion set of eyeballs are every month. In the course I will show you how to get the most from YouTube through collaborations, paid views, proper meta-tags and how to push viewers back over to your own website.

It can be done – really!

There are tons of examples out there that other people have created videos that are great and get traffic, and they've all learnt the process – and it can be learnt!

Everyone started from square one, not knowing anything at all – my students are really encouraged when they remember this fact.

Next, I'll touch on more pressing video questions readers have!

Wayne Ford

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