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How to Get Social Posts to Get Shared Organically

Know Your Audience

Here are the three ingredients that make a good post go ‘social’ and have people legitimately engage!

  1. Images: Post a photograph with every post
    People are visual, and we respond to imagery and sound primarily. Video works as well as images do, but the majority of your posts will be images as they’re easier to create.
  2. Always list a Website Link
    Try and always have a relevant web link in your post to the restaurant website. It’s great if our posts are engaging and get likes and comments on their own, but keep the option for ‘next step’…
  3. Write Text Copy with Personality
    Keep light on the words – a sentence usually is all that’s needed, injected with a healthy dose of ‘real' personality. Ending in a question is great too – people love to give their opinions and using a question begs for a comment!

Images. Links. Personality – got it!

Keep reading for a whole ton of different scenarios and suggested posts, including actual examples of social shares on Facebook:

Social Media Platforms & Key Target Markets


How is it used?

Target Market & How to Use It

1. Facebook80% Personal & 20% Professional
Personal social networking tool turned pro – integrates ‘Pages’ well. Opted in followers as well as friends of followers are exposed to posts! Good mix.
Our Target: Personal Users
Post mainly socially viable content – more ‘fun’ and sharable stuff. You can share content from most other platforms here – use Facebook as the primary hub.
2. Google+60% Personal & 40% Professional
Mix of Professional and Personal. A lot of people have Gmail and YouTube accounts which automatically means they use Google+
Our Target: Everyone
Everyone that uses Google search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Places, Google Maps, etc.  It is wise to setup a Google+ page and use it.
3. LinkedIn100% Professional Only
Business networking tool, like online resume with collaboration and social sharing of news, events
Our Target: Professionals
Meeting Planners primarily and Business people looking for a quiet lunch/dinner spot, or presentation groups looking to book a restaurant.
4. Twitter60% Personal & 40% Professional
Mish-mash of all news, but people who ‘Follow’ our brand have already opted in to. They know who we are.
Our Target: Mainly Personal Users
Post just-in-time news notices for events, specials – great for appetizers/drinks specials, or spur of the moment decisions for a restaurant experience.
5. YouTube70% Personal & 30% Professional
World’s best video host, easily sharable video, trusted search engine, Google integrated (part of Google+)
Our Target: Everyone
View this as a Google-search integrated video host for all platforms. Post all videos here; share that link on all other social networks and websites.
6. Pinterest90% Personal & 10% Professional
Visual-centric platform, mainly used by women to share ideas, concepts and interesting finds.
Our Target: Personal & Professional
Brides to be. Wedding planners. Event coordinators. But chiefly brides-to-be are who we target (and hope they choose our property).


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