StarsVu Cloud-Based Video Production Solutions

For those who’ve not heard of StarsVu tell us what your organization does.
STARSVU: We appreciate having the chance to inform your readers about what we do! StarsVu is currently the only company providing the innovative integration of three fundamental tools in video production: script writing, video editing, and collaboration as a Cloud service – all online over the internet!

Our mission is to simplify the process of creating quality videos by enabling collaborators to produce videos quickly and cost effectively. Script integration provides a natural way of organizing video files in the Cloud and saving them directly to the timeline upon uploading them.

Currently, StarsVu is licensing its platform to Cloud service providers, corporations, and organizations for their own use by choosing one of the three licensing options: Premier, Executive, and VIP.

In the future, new membership levels and compensation programs will be established to support sole and shared content ownership.

StarsVu is positioned as a Cloud-based production company – how does it work? How does it differ from other Cloud-based initiatives?
STARSVU: StarsVu’s Cloud tools and searchable user-database enable anyone to become a “Producer” who has the ability to build teams of socially connected, talented, amateur or seasoned professional writers, editors, actors, artists, and musicians from across the globe to collaborate and make videos!

StarsVu Cloud-based Video Production

For corporate or enterprise use, StarsVu can transform PowerPoint presentations and company documents to engaging videos by seamlessly and economically empowering company staff and executives to collaborate throughout the video creation process.

There are many providers of collaborative script writing or video editing tools, but no one has attempted to integrate them all into one application.

This is what StarsVu’s Cloud-based service has accomplished and patented, and we’re very proud of the result!

Tell us more – specifically, how are producers involved, and how do they benefit?
STARSVU: Today, production owners can use the system at no cost to produce their videos in the Cloud. They can invite their peers or registered users based on their qualifications to collaborate while having a script that is dynamic to adapt to the evolution of the message and target audience.

Producers can modify the team and change their roles without jeopardizing the production process since all files are located in the Cloud, and no one has the right to delete any files. Furthermore, users have limited access to the production processes depending on their roles.

How does the system work for those offering services – editing, narration, script writers, etc?
STARSVU: For other members of a production team, all they have to do is to register and to provide enough information about their qualification in order to get invited and participate in productions. As new membership levels and programs are established in the future, compensation for services rendered will be made possible.

Describe in detail each stage of the 4 Step Process.
STARSVU: The StarsVu 4 Step Process is simple enough – let me explain:

Step 1: Creating a Video
This is simply done by starting out with the inclusion of the title, detailed description, and aspect ratio of the production. Collaborators will determine their decision to join productions based on this public information and additional details provided by production owner in the invitation message.

Step 2: Writing the Script
Users need to start out with a script before uploading and editing videos. A script needs to be started and simply include at least one “character”, a scene, and a shot. The Character could be the actor, presenter, corporate executive, video maker, artist, voice over, and so forth.

Step 3: Build the Team.
Production owner and editors use the “Invite to Production” tool to begin building the production team by inviting users and assigning roles. Users will access the production description and may accept or decline the invitation. Selected users will have different access levels to the productions depending on their role.

Step 4: Work on Your Production:
Users access the “My Production” page that include the script writer, file uploader, collaboration, scenes/shots editor, video preview player, rendering tool, rendered video player. At any stage, production owners and editors may search for additional writers, editors, actors/characters, artists, and sound engineer or musicians to invite them to their production.

Is StarsVu a downloadable application, or entirely web-based? If web-based, why is this?
STARSVU: That’s right –  StarsVu’s web tools are entirely web-based.

There is no need to install any driver, user interface, or software on the user’s device regardless of the type of device such as computer, tablet, or cell phone.

The web-based application allows for a flexibility to users that enables them to access and work on their productions from any location on any device, which is why we kept the whole application on the Cloud.

Name a few projects that have benefited from your partnerships.
STARSVU: We are working on a few sponsored productions, including documentaries that will go public in the next few months. Below is the link to a video produced to promote Rising Venus, a San Diego-based website for aspiring entrepreneurial women, and their Video Lab program – click here to view that video.

Creator Up, a USC-based online web series, is also using StarsVu as one of the tools used by the students during their production process.

Creator Up, Online Web Series School

Why is video such an important marketing medium right now?
STARSVU: People connect with video content using both visual and audio senses. This makes videos the ultimate medium to deliver content, engage viewers, and adapt messages depending on market or audience. A report from Comscore (April 2012) and Aberdeen Group (March 2012 Survey) shows the potential and evolution of video’s influence and rise:

  • Consumers who view videos are 85% more likely to buy products
  • Video Users to increase by 70% for mobile application and 46% for online application year to year
  • 56% indicated C-level commitment for the use of video within organizations
  • 37% planning to put in place policies to use video content created by regular employees as corporate assets
  • 30% of businesses had implemented formal content management tools for video content while 42% planned to add this capability.

Demand for video is on the rise, right? How do you prove gains in returns on investment (ROI) to the skeptic?
STARSVU: The proof is in the pudding, as it where. The research that I shared just now points to the effectiveness of video communication.

The typical consumer, especially young adults are increasingly spending more time watching videos rather than reading or listening. The popularity of YouTube is testament to this. Videos are used to acquire knowledge, comprehend information, share experiences, and in general connect with society. It makes sense that this form of communication is effective in influencing consumer behavior.

It is essential for companies and organizations to put in place an effective mechanism to produce, update, and maintain videos efficiently and cost-effectively in order to see a positive ROI. StarsVu provides companies to engage in video production and management without investing in expensive videos produced by studios that limit modification of the delivered message.

Moreover, Companies do not need to stream these videos from their servers; instead they can leverage the various free video aggregators available through the web.

How does online video production excel over traditional-style in-house video production?
STARSVU: Today’s video Creation faces the following challenges regardless of type and length:

  1. Expense: Typically it could cost $10K to rent studio for a 5min video
  2. Duration: It takes time to coordinate, shoot, & edit
  3. Logistics: Script writing is a separate process. In order to produce a video all crew must be present
  4. Risk: Team can change during production, file storage needs to be centralized, and unknown ROI

Productions Screen, StarsVu

Our Solutions: StarsVu’s streamlined video creation process using its patented technology:

  1. Cost Effective: Access to global talent instantly, no need for expensive software and hardware
  2. Quick: Parallel Cloud Processing throughout the production lifecycle
  3. Simple: Easy Interface, centralized file organization, real-time application, modular architecture for easy video modification
  4. Scalable: In regards to team, video duration, type, and files update

What must a company new to this field keep in mind when having video produced for web audiences?
STARSVU: Sure thing – here are 7 top general tips for producing video for the online audience:

  1. Focus on the why the video is being produced. Identify the goals or purpose of the video and keep this in mind throughout the creative process.
  2. Determine your core or targeted audience. Although your video will be available online where it could be seen by almost anyone, it makes sense to produce it with the idea that the information you provide is relevant to the audience you want to reach. This helps to keep the focus of your video, ensure that the video is relevant and that you will engage the target audience.
  3. Ensure that a script is written, reviewed, and evaluated to ensure that you fine-tune your message and the flow of information is articulated well before engaging in the filming of the video.
  4. Ensure that your video is of reasonable length. Keeping the length of your video no longer than 4-5 minutes is optimal for sustaining the viewer’s attention – even shorter = better.
  5. Engage your audience with creativity by using StarsVu library of effects, transitions, themes, stock footage, and chromakey capabilities.
  6. Optimize your video for web viewing OR render your video properly for web viewing. StarsVu offers users three types of rendering: “low and mid resolution” for mobile viewing and “high resolution” for web viewing.
  7. Don’t forget to give your video a descriptive title and proper metadata for search engine optimization!

Glad to have you on ReelMarketer and that we’re finally able to get your company featured as part of the ReelMarketer interview series! What are the best way for someone to get started with your company to see if your services are a fit?
STARSVU: Thank you for the opportunity to spread awareness about our cloud-based video production solution – we’re sure many of your audience will find us a great fit!

Anyone can register and use the application for free today. So, potential licensees can either start by registering, creating a production, and collaborating with their peers to experience firsthand how StarsVu works. Alternatively, they can contact us to see a demo to fully understand the system capability by emailing, calling us at (858) 876-5416, or following us on twitter @StarsVu.

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