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A video professional, online marketer, instructor and manager, Christopher Ruffell shares his "how-to" experiences from business and hospitality! Chris' work includes promotional videos, a YouTube "Lip Dub" video, and creating music video seen on MuchLOUD TV! Connect with and ask any of your questions below:


  1. One way to take advantage of the ‘related videos’ sidebar on YouTube is to introduce your own tags unto the video.

    In this way, anybody viewing a single one of your videos is more likely to be recommended another of your videos, and, if done correctly, the top results on sidebar should all be videos from your channel.

    Of course, this requires that you consistently release and upload new videos — a process that we have made so much easier, over at Startcut.com

    • Hi Oren, absolutely – that’s a great tip!

      I believe you’re suggesting you copy and paste the same keywords of the videos that you would LIKE to show up beside in a search result into your own keywords list. Yes, that’ll help with the YouTube (Google) search algorithm. However, I will add, make sure your content is actually relevant and that a viewer will find value in your video – otherwise they down-vote your video rather than giving it a thumbs up!

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