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Career Minded? Some Rewarding Alternative Job Suggestions for Aspiring Student Videographers

Video Camera Operator

Recent college graduates, who earned a degree in videography or design may find the recent job market disappointing. Disappointing perhaps, but a fact, nonetheless. A fact which we feel we need to share for students looking at the field of video production. The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows a decline in videography job openings, partially due to technology and ... Read More »

LinkedIn Pairs with Altimeter: Report on Social Media for Meaningful Communication

Linkedin & Altimeter’s new research into the way companies communicate with their employees and customers provides insights into how companies can improve their bottom line by maintaining meaningful social media communication. The video below sums up their key findings, along with the 10 steps it takes to achieve results. The 10 Steps are: 1). Audit Conduct an internal audit to ... Read More »

Going Green: Compositing Advantages for Video Advertising

Karl Schoepp

Cinema is the art of illusion. Make-believe is at the core of film as an art form and as a form of expression. Since the early history of cinema, visionaries like Georges Méliès used technical innovations as an expressive tool to trick the eye and captivate audiences. Méliès, for example, used analog editing to amaze audiences in his iconic 1902 ... Read More »

3 Pieces of Recommended Cinematography Gear for Video Production

Top 3 Recommended Cinematography Gear for Video Production

As a film professional, why is important that an immediate level video producer have decent gear – not beginner gear, but doesn’t need full-on film-gear? Karl Schoepp: It is important for a serious video producer to invest in quality equipment rather than cheap beginner gear or knock-offs. Beginner gear often won’t last, can be dangerous, or won’t give you the results ... Read More »