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Social Media Etiquette: Do’s and Dont’s with Social Communication

Facebook Thumbs Up Like

No doubt you have seen cringe-inducing social media posts by your favorite brands. Sure, making mistakes is human, but, the issue is when the social media ‘twittersphere’ are unforgiving and will likely pounce on the opportunity to make fun of the occasion. Hashtag-jacking isn’t a pretty sight. #opps #mistake #recovery An error learning opportunity, but best to avoid if possible ... Read More »

New 4K GoPro Gets the Shot

Go Pro Hero4 4K Video Camera

GoPro Cameras are small, sturdy, wearable devices with up to 4K resolution and up to 120 frames per second that enable users to capture awesome quality active footage. These capable still-and-video camera devices are produced by a company that knows how to promote their products in very effective alternative ways! GoPro’s Crowd-Sourced Advertisements GoPro advertisements are crowd-sourced, submitted by the company’s customers ... Read More »

How to Get Social Posts to Get Shared Organically

Know Your Audience

Here are the three ingredients that make a good post go ‘social’ and have people legitimately engage! Images: Post a photograph with every post People are visual, and we respond to imagery and sound primarily. Video works as well as images do, but the majority of your posts will be images as they’re easier to create. Always list a Website ... Read More »

Back to Basics: 3 Essentials of Video Advertising Online

Video Playing on Tablet

The explosion of mobile video apps like Vine and Instagram have forced advertisers to adapt to significant changes in the video advertising realm. Mastering the new mobile video platforms, along with video content stalwart YouTube, is vital in the success of any advertising campaign. Advertisers are also using creative ways to make the user become a part of the advertisement: ... Read More »